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Government Document

Alternate Title:U.S. Participation in the UN.

Authors:Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), President of the United States, 1953-1961

Corporate Author:Department of State

Source:July 20, 1959, 318p

Subjects:Agriculture, Arctic, Arms control and disarmament, Cameroon, China, Civil liberties, Civil rights, Commission on International Commodity Trade, Cyprus, Economic Commission for Africa, Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East, Economic Commission for Europe, Economic Commission for Latin America, Egypt, Energy resources, Europe, Food and Agriculture Organization, Food industry, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Hungary, Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization, Internal security, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Court of Justice, International finance, International Finance Corp., International Law Commission, International Monetary Fund, International Telecommunication Union, Israel, Italian Somaliland, Kashmir, Korea, Korean Reconstruction Agency, Lebanon, Maps, Nauru, New Guinea, Nuclear power plants and reactors, Nuclear weapons testing, Palestine, Refugees, Ruanda-Urundi, Security, South Africa, Soviet Union, Space programs, Specifications and drawings, Sudan, Suez Canal, Tanganyika, Telecommunication, Togo, Transjordan, Transportation, Tunisia, UNESCO, United Nations, United Nations Caribbean Commission, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Commission on Human Rights, United Nations Emergency Force, United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon, United Nations South Pacific Commission, Universal Postal Union, Vietnam, Water resources development, Western Samoa, World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization

Government Document
Government Document

Alternate Title:Letter from the Acting Secretary of State transmitting the eighth report on the Extent and disposition of U.S. contributions to international organizations for the fiscal year 1959, pursuant to section 2 of Public Law 806, 81st Congress.

Authors:C. Douglas Dillon (1909-2003), Secretary of the Treasury, 1961-1965

Corporate Author:Committee on Foreign Affairs. House

Source:June 16, 1960, 136p

Subjects:Caribbean Commission, Central Commission for Navigation of the Rhine, Central Treaty Organization, Colombo Plan Council, Food and Agriculture Organization, Government spending, Inter-American Children's Institute, Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Indian Institute, Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration, International agencies, International Atomic Energy Agency, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Bureau for the Publication of Customs Tariffs, International Bureau of Education, International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, International Bureau of Weights and Measures, International Civil Aviation Organization, International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries, International Cotton Advisory Committee, International Council of Scientific Unions, International Criminal Police Organization, International Finance Corp., International Hydrographic Bureau, International Labor Organization, International Monetary Fund, International North Pacific Fisheries Commission, International Rubber Study Group, International Seed Testing Association, International Sugar Council, International Telecommunication Union, International Union for the Protection of Industrial Property, International Union of Official Travel Organizations, International Whaling Commission, International Wheat Council, Interparliamentary Union, NATO, North Pacific Fur Seal Commission, Organization of American States, Palestine, Pan American Health Organization, Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Pan American Railway Congress Association, Pan American Union, Permanent International Association of the Congresses of Navigation, Postal Union of the Americas and Spain, Refugees, South Pacific Commission, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, UNESCO, UNHCR, United Nations, United Nations Children's Fund, United Nations Emergency Force, United Nations Expanded Program of Technical Assistance, United Nations Relief and Works Agency, United Nations Special Fund, Universal Postal Union, World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization

Government Document
Academic Journal

Authors:Paul Catchick

Source:Journal of Financial Crime, 2016, Vol. 23, Issue 1, pp. 159-172.



Authors:Ujifusa, Andrew

Source:Education Week. Jan 17, 2018, Vol. 37 Issue 17, 5.