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Government Document

Alternate Title:Foreign Economic Assistance Act of 1950.

Authors:John Kee (1874-1951), Democratic Representative from WV ; James Prioleau Richards (1894-1979), Democratic Representative from SC ; Thomas Sylvy Gordon (1893-1959), Democratic Representative from IL ; John Martin Vorys (1896-1968), Republican Representative from OH ; Frances Payne Bolton (1885-1977), Republican Representative from OH ; Thomas Terry (Tom) Connally (1877-1963), Democratic Senator from TX ; Walter Franklin George (1878-1957), Democratic Senator from GA ; Elbert Duncan Thomas (1883-1953), Democratic Senator from UT ; Alexander Wiley (1884-1967), Republican Senator from WI ; Howard Alexander Smith (1880-1966), Republican Senator from NJ

Corporate Author:Committee of Conference. House

Source:May 19, 1950, 33p

Government Document

Alternate Title:Letter from Chairman, Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government transmitting a report on overseas economic operations, pursuant to Public Law 108, Eighty-third Congress.


Corporate Author:Committee on Foreign Affairs. House

Source:June 6, 1955, 89p