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Electronic and magnetic properties of [Fe(3-MeO-Qsal)2]Y•n solvent (n = 0,1) complexes.

Title: Electronic and magnetic properties of [Fe(3-MeO-Qsal)2]Y•n solvent (n = 0,1) complexes.
Authors: Ivanova, T. A.1, Turanova, O. A.1, Mingalieva, L. V.1, Mingalieva, I. F.2, Ovchinnikov, I. V.1
Source: Magnetic Resonance in Solids. 2016, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p1-5. 5p.
Subject Terms: *MAGNETIC properties of metals, *IRON, *FERROMAGNETISM, *INTERMOLECULAR interactions, *ELECTRON paramagnetic resonance, *DIFFUSION
Abstract: [Fe(3-MeO-Qsal)2]Y (Y = PF6, BF4, NCS, NO3, BPh4) compounds were synthesized using the diffusion method and studied by the electron spin resonance and the magnetic susceptibility methods in the temperature range (5-300) K. Coexistence of spatially separated high-spin and low-spin fractions in these compounds was observed. Low-spin fraction of all compounds reveals the antiferromagnetic correlations at low temperatures. High-spin fraction of complexes with Y = PF6 demonstrate the weak ferromagnetic properties due to exchange interaction between complexes in whole temperature range. Influence of outer-sphere anion on the spin state, the electronic properties of low-spin Fe(III) complexes is demonstrated. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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