Commercial environment

Title: Commercial environment
Source: D&B Country Report: Turkey. Annual, 2011, p37, 11 p.
Subject Terms: Wireless telecommunications service, Software quality, Ore deposits -- Political aspects, Ore deposits -- Reports, Ore deposits -- Turkey, Corporate income taxes -- Political aspects, Corporate income taxes -- Reports, Cellular telephone services industry -- Political aspects, Cellular telephone services industry -- Reports, Cellular telephone services industry -- Political activity, Cellular telephone services industry -- Ethical aspects, Cellular telephone services industry -- Rankings, Computer software industry -- Political aspects, Computer software industry -- Reports, Computer software industry -- Political activity, Computer software industry -- Ethical aspects, Computer software industry -- Rankings, International economic relations -- Political aspects, International economic relations -- Reports, Dumping (International trade) -- Political aspects, Dumping (International trade) -- Reports, Foreign corporations -- Political aspects, Foreign corporations -- Reports, Corporations -- Ethical aspects, Corporations -- Reports, Corporations -- Political aspects, Public sector -- Political aspects, Public sector -- Reports, Foreign investments -- Political aspects, Foreign investments -- Reports, Foreign investments -- Ethical aspects, Foreign investments -- Rankings, Tax treaties -- Political aspects, Tax treaties -- Reports, Value-added tax -- Reports, Value-added tax -- Political aspects, Entrepreneurship -- Political aspects, Entrepreneurship -- Reports, Farm produce -- Political aspects, Farm produce -- Reports, Farm produce -- Ethical aspects, Farm produce -- Rankings, Investor relations -- Reports, Investor relations -- Political aspects, Money laundering -- Political aspects, Money laundering -- Reports, Employers -- Political aspects, Employers -- Reports, Employers -- Political activity, Employers -- Tax policy, Employers -- Ethical aspects, Bribery -- Political aspects, Bribery -- Reports, Risk assessment -- Political aspects, Risk assessment -- Reports, Software -- Reports, Software -- Political aspects, Software -- Ethical aspects, Software -- Rankings, Antidumping duties -- Political aspects, Antidumping duties -- Reports, Ports -- Political aspects, Ports -- Reports, Ports -- Ethical aspects, Ports -- Rankings, Political parties -- Reports, Political parties -- Turkey, Taxation -- Political aspects, Taxation -- Reports
Subject Geographic: Turkey
More Info: Overview Turkey's commercial environment has improved considerably in recent years, as the government has implemented a comprehensive programme of reforms to reduce the regulatory burden on companies, such as simplifying [...]
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